Best ‘Rub-Seasoned’ Wild Trout Recipe

A Wild Trout Recipe Like No Other

Wild Trout RecipeWARNING: After trying this wild trout recipe you may spend the rest of your days out fishing just so you can cook up some more. You’ve been warned my friends (not that I’d have a problem with spending the rest of my life fishing).

This recipe is for those looking for a way to cook up some trout with so many flavors your mouth won’t know which way to go.

It consists of a light batter-mixed seasoning flavor with the fresh taste of dill and lemon pepper.

It can be cooked inside, no grill needed, no filleting, and it only takes about 20 minutes or so from start to finish. This is one of my favorite trout recipes to make by far so let’s get into it so you can expose your pallet to this great wild trout recipe!


  • Fresh wild trout (brook, rainbow, brown, etc.)
    • Head removed and gutted
  • Pancake batter (½ cup)
  • Milk (1 cup)
  • Dill weed – finely chopped (1 tsp.)
  • Lemon pepper (¾ tsp.)
  • Rosemary (¾ tsp.)
  • Butter (¼ cup)
  • Vegetable oil (1 tbsp.)
  • OldBay (¼ tsp.)
  • Saute pan
  • 2 bowls
  • Spatula


  1. With the skin still on the trout, soak the trout in a bowl of milk for about 3 minutes.
  2. While the trout is soaking get a large bowl for mixing the battered seasoning rub. In this bowl you’ll combine the ½ cup of pancake mix, ½ tsp. of dill weed, ½ tsp. of lemon pepper seasoning, and ½ tsp. of rosemary. Mix the seasonings up so they are spread evenly throughout the pancake mix. Wild Trout Recipe
  3. Remove the fish from the milk bowl and drag it through the batter mix you just created. Use your fingers to rub the dry mix over the entire fish; outside skin and on the inside of the fish. Though we don’t eat the skin, seasoning it helps add taste to the meat during the cooking process.
  4. In the pan heat ¼ cup of butter and 1 tbsp. of vegetable oil over medium heat until both are blended together. The pan should be small enough that the butter/oil mix is about an 1/8″ deep for the fish to cook in. Sprinkle ¼ tsp. of OldBay in the butter/oil mix to add flavor.
  5. With the fish fully rubbed in the seasoning mix we created, place it in the pan to cook. Cook for about 3-6 minutes on each side depending on the size of the fish. A smaller fish with thinner meat along the spine will cook much faster than a larger fish that many be more meaty. Check to see if the fish is done by using a fork to see how easily the meat separates. Once it is a flaky consistency it is finished.
  6. Remove the trout from the pan and use a fork to peel back the skin on both sides. If the fish is fully cooked this should slip right back easily. Discard the skin. Sprinkle the remaining ½ tsp. of dill, ¼ tsp. of lemon pepper seasoning, and ¼ tsp. of rosemary on both sides of the exposed skin for the final seasoning round.


Now you are ready to serve the best rub-seasoned wild trout recipe you’ll ever make!

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