Our Friends

If you’re looking for some like-minded hunting sites, try checking out a few of our friends below. Each link will take you to their products/services.

Gun Sale/Modifications Sites

Our friends over at Accuracy Inc. deal in weapon modifications for Ruger Mini 14 Firearms, Remington 700 Rifles, and AR 15 and AR 10 Rifles. They offer a wide range of modifications including: Mini 14 Triggers, Mini 14 Gas Blocks, Adjustable Mini 14 Gas Blocks, Mini 14 Ranch Mods, Mini 14 Tactical options, Remington 7400 Mods, AR 15 Uppers, AR 15 Accuracy Improvements, as well as other Browning and Ruger modifications.

Gun full of gunk? Get some CorrosionX to get rid of build up.

Hunting Guides

www.rockyoutfitters.com – If you’re planning on booking a hunting trip to Montana or Wyoming these guys are worth giving a call.


Other Great Hunting Blogs

Marian’s Hunting Blog

Marian Lady Deer Hunter Blog

Other Links

Identicards – Various hunting, fishing, and outdoor products.

GPS, Fish finder, Marine Supply Store – Specializes in GPS, fish finder, VHF radio, inverter, charger, and marine supply.


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