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Greetings Fellow Hunters

Welcome to Best Camo Reviews.

This site started out as a site focused on sharing my HECS suit review of the innovative (and much debated) camo yet quickly expanded to include reviews on binoculars, provide hunting advice, and the newest addition which includes wild game recipes. Over the past few months I’ve been diversifying to provide you with the best reading experience here so that it may in return create the best hunting experience in the field.

Hunters Alike

If you’re like me I’m sure you are either out scouting for the coming season’s trophy or if the season is upon you where you’re at, you’re up early and half way up the mountain before most other hunters even have one foot through their camo clothing.

There’s a certain degree of appreciation for the woods amongst those who are the true outdoorsmen vs. those who are the ‘weekend warriors’ or the ‘roll out of bed and stumble into the woods once the sun is quarter up’ type.

Being an avid outdoorsman I am always interested in methods to improve my hunts whether it be advice from an old timer with scores of trophies under his belt or reviews such as this from tech savvy younger generation sportsmen.


The Equipment We Use

As an experienced hunter I believe that though much of the success of the hunt can be attributed to the perseverance of the hunter, we can’t deny that the equipment we use can either break or make us in the woods as well.

We all have our own preferred weapon of choice whether it be a compound, re-curve, crossbow, rifle, shotgun, or muzzleloader, therefore I don’t want to influence any of you to change what weapon has been working for you.

Plus I myself even get a little touchy when someone tries swapping my 300 win for anything else.

I do however believe there are a few things that we all use and can change quite easily to drastically improve our hunts: our camo clothing and our binoculars. I’ll give you my advice on what camo is best, as well as some reviews on the best binoculars for hunting.


Using the Right Camo Clothing Matters More Than Most Think

It’s all too easy to just throw a jacket off the camo clothing rack on the counter while waiting to get your license & tags. Don’t do it!

A lot of clothing manufacturers have caught on to the increasing trend in hunting and are eager to get a piece of your wallet. What most fail to do though is provide camo clothing that actually does more than just provide a woodland pattern.

We know that all it takes is a good downwind breeze and that sweat scent you worked up hiking the ridge is sent right up the nostrils of that buck alerting him to your presence. Nothing is worse than remaining completely still in the stand and hearing that buck blow behind you from picking up your location and you think to yourself “how the heck did he know I was here?”

The HECS Suit Review – Does HECS Work?

I want to break my review of the HECS suit down into a couple different posts so that I can focus each post on a different element of the HECS suit and how it works.

As you read through each of these posts I hope to provide you with some more insights around why I love the HECS suit. You may still be skeptical and that’s ok, I was at first too but do you ever think about how many massive buck we may have missed out on without even seeing because they caught on to us before we could get them in our crosshairs?

Well the HECS suit has caught on to this recently and developed a line of under clothing to combat this and give us hunters an advantage like no other.

This leads me to the start of my HECS suit review, click the “learn more” button below to read part 1 of my ‘HECS suit review’ or if you’re already interested in buying the HECS suit you can follow the button below to browse pricing on the camo.

HECS Suit Review

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