HECS Suit – Electromagnetic Impulses

I used to think I had all my bases covered if I showered with some Scentblock, dropped a little doe urine on my boots, and threw on my leafy 3D camo.

I can’t say that this technique failed all the time (the mounts on my wall would agree it worked occasionally) but there were more times than I’d have liked where my prey pin pointed my location.

They’d zero in right on my stand regardless of how still I was, how perfect the wind conditions were, or how much cover scent I put on.

Years later I find out that this is due to their ability to pick up my electromagnetic impulses..


What Are Electromagnetic Impulses?

Most wildlife navigates using electromagnetic fields. HECs suit - Electromagnetic Impulses

Ever wonder how salmon manage to swim all that way to return to the place they were born years later? Or how migrating geese find the same breeding grounds year over year? They navigate using the earth’s electromagnetic fields.

By using these fields to navigate the planet it gives you an idea of how sensitive their receptors are to these impulses.

While in the woods we must worry about more than releasing an odor or controlling an itch to be invisible. Our bodies emit what are called electromagnetic impulses or emissions.

Think of it as a strobe light that is continually blinking alerting all those in the surrounding dark of our whereabouts.

I had always thought growing up that turkey had exceptional eye sight therefore giving them the ability to see me even in the most elaborate of blinds.

The makers of the camo HECS suit now have informed me otherwise.


Buck Fever

At one point in life we’ve all had the overwhelming uncontrollable reaction most know as ‘buck fever’.

I’ll admit, that every now and then, even with my years of experience hunting, the curse of buck fever can creep back into my chest.

This feeling occurred when I shot my first doe at the age of 11 and occasionally comes back when I’ve got a beauty like no other in front of me.

Whether it be that double bearded 20lb+ gobbler, that non-typical buck with drop tines, or a flock of beautiful fowl, I’ll admit…it still can happen.

The sweaty palms, the heavy breath, the shaky extremities, and most important, the pounding heart.

The most important is the pounding heart because what is actually occurring is as our heart beats faster and more heavily, we are emitting increased amounts of electromagnetic emissions.


Buck fever = faster heart beat = larger electromagnetic emissions = alarms signaled = no deer = empty freezer!


Without wearing a HECS suit, what the animals are seeing are large flares of light that pretty much act as a billboard reading “STOP, TURN, RUN AWAY”…Not something I want to advertise to my prey.

With my HECS suit I can get all the buck fever I want and still bag a buck.


HECs suit + buck fever = zero emissions = dead deer = full freezer.


Now knowing what electromagnetic impulses are, let’s get into how the HECS suit actually works by learning about the technology behind the HECS camo.


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