HECS Hunting Suit – A Collection of Consumer Reviews

HECS Hunting Suit Reviews I am not the only one who has had great luck with the HECS hunting suit. A good friend of mine in Idaho who also happens to be a taxidermist has been an avid promoter of the technology utilized in the HECS products. He was kind enough to provide me with a […]

How Does The HECS Camo Suit Work?

Knowing what you now know about our bodies’ emissions of electromagnetic impulses, how does the HECS camo suit work to eliminate the body’s output? HECS camo company describes it as “utilizing the same technology our microwaves use”. Which makes sense; our microwaves have a protective mesh screening on the inside of them that reflects the rays back toward […]

HECS Suit – Electromagnetic Impulses

I used to think I had all my bases covered if I showered with some Scentblock, dropped a little doe urine on my boots, and threw on my leafy 3D camo. I can’t say that this technique failed all the time (the mounts on my wall would agree it worked occasionally) but there were more […]