HECS Hunting Suit – A Collection of Consumer Reviews

HECS Hunting Suit Reviews

I am not the only one who has had great luck with the HECS hunting suit.

A good friend of mine in Idaho who also happens to be a taxidermist has been an avid promoter of the technology utilized in the HECS products. He was kind enough to provide me with a testimonial and a photo of his daughter’s most recent kill using this camo.HECS hunting suit

“I was skeptical at first but thought what the hell I’ll give it a shot. I am amazed at the ability of the HECS hunting suit to shield my presence to surrounding wildlife. I’ve walked right up to buck in the woods and even had cub bear climb my tree while in the stand. Thanks to this camo I’ve bagged a lot more game than I think I would have using regular camo. I continue to recommend it to all my friends.” ~ Jeff S.

I haven’t had the experience with the bear in the tree which I think I am alright with skipping out on yet it’s still interesting to hear how close he got, or should I say the bear got, to him while wearing the camo.

Another friend of mine from Pennsylvania was kind enough to send me his views on the HECS hunting suit he utilizes for turkey hunting.

“Any gobbler hunter knows how easy it is for birds to spook. We dread that high pitched hen cluck that lets the flock know it’s time to get out of here. When I go out now I completely cover myself if HECs products; shirt, pants, gloves, and face mask. Using this clothing I am  completely invisible to the birds. Throw on your HECs camo, place a decoy and get a good call going and you’re guaranteed to bag a gobbler.” ~Danny B.

Additionally beyond just people I know there are a ton of others who’ve been using HECS and are pretty satisfied with it. Below is a snapshot of some various other consumer reviews I found on the HECS hunting suit.


HECS Hunting Suit Reviews

HECS hunting suit - more reviews

Now the video below isn’t of anyone I know but is one HECS company released showing firsthand how close hunters can get to wildlife while wearing this gear.

Crazy huh? There are a ton of videos on YouTube just like this one proving the power the HECS hunting suit has in making you invisible in the woods.

Pros/Cons of the HECS Hunting Suit

As with any review site we always like to look at both the pros and cons of the product so you can have an honest take on it.


  • You are completely invisible to game in the woods.
  • With this you can have the ability to increase your chances of getting that trophy and filling the freezer.
  • The product is very light weight which makes it good for a wide range of uses.
    • If you’re a southwestern hunter where that heat really limits the amount of clothing you want to put on you can use the HECS hunting suit alone.
    • If you’re in a colder climate it works just as well as an under apparel. Just make sure you’re over camo has scent blocker on it.
  • It is machine washable.


  • To get this camo you’ll need to dish out some cash.
  • HECS lists their products for around $180 on their site which is much more than you’ll spend on standard camo.
  • Finding a dealer can be difficult since this is still widely unheard of by many.


If you are an avid hunter who wishes to improve your game in the woods I’d strongly suggest getting this camo if you have the cash for doing so. I’m almost certain that once you try it you’ll be an avid promoter of the product just as I am.

I’ve taken the liberty to provide you with the link to where you can find this gear below.

  1. Buy HECS Camo Suit (pants, shirt and mask)

I wish you luck fellow huntsmen and would be excited to see your kills using the HECS hunting suit or any other camo clothing that you think is worthy of me blogging about. Thanks for reading my HECS suit review!

HECS Suit Review

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