How Does The HECS Camo Suit Work?

Knowing what you now know about our bodies’ emissions of electromagnetic impulses, how does the HECS camo suit work to eliminate the body’s output?

HECS camo company describes it as “utilizing the same technology our microwaves use”. Which makes sense; our microwaves have a protective mesh screening on the inside of them that reflects the rays back toward the food.

HECS camo imitates this by being made of a light weight breathable carbon fiber mesh content that prevents our bodies’ impulses from escaping.

Check out the video to the below and see how HECS camo reduces the electromagnetic emissions we release.

My Review of the HECS Camo

I picked up my HECS camo suit about two years ago. At first I was hesitant since there are so many scams out there.

When I bought mine I did it out of interest, I didn’t have a review site like this at the time to learn about it more so I didn’t know what to expect.

My first time in the woods with it I decided that I wouldn’t use cover scent since I wanted to test the capabilities of the suit.

The wind that evening was unfavorable, blowing downhill toward the game trail I was sitting on. I figured that the wind would definitely play against me and send my scent downhill. Buck - HECs camo

About 45 minutes before dark I had three doe come up the hill followed by a smaller 4 point.

They messed around my stand a bit, so I decided to test the limits a little further of my suit…I stood up abruptly, a move to surely scare them off under any other circumstances…not a flinch.

A doe looked up at me and I waved my arm through the air, she could have cared less. It was unreal, I was a believer right there of the HECS camo.

Since then I’ve tested the limits further by sitting on the ground, walking up to game, and so on.

The photo to the right is from before the season. I was on the ground with nothing more than my HECS camo on. Additionally below is another YouTube video of hunters wearing the HECS camo suit that have a bobcat come right up to them.

I’m not the only one who is now able to have these close encounters with wildlife. Many others have tested the limits of this amazing product. Check their thoughts on the HECS hunting suit.

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