Viral Videos – What Hunters Found Inside This Boar Is Unbelievable

They Thought It Was A Normal Boar, They Were Wrong…

Every now any then a story comes along that’s just really out there and weird. This is one of those stories.

California (and many other southwestern states) are plagued with feral wild boar that cause extreme destruction to the ecosystems and therefore conservation agencies encourage hunters to control the excessive population by hunting them.

Two hunters in Morgan Hill, California saw a wild hog on their ranch and shot it, both for meat for the family as well as to assist in pest control.

When they approached it and cut it open they were amazed at what they found…

Blue Wild Boar

What they expected to see was the fatty part of the animal to be white as it is in all other boar, however this boar’s fat was a deep blue.

Blue Wild Boar

The meat itself was normal colored. Either way I don’t think I’d be chancing eating it.

Blue Wild Boar

There’s a lot of speculation around what caused the odd coloring. Some think that the boar may have drank from water or eaten from crops where a dye leaked into them. Others think a nearby copper mine may have caused the discoloration.

The full story can be seen here on IFL Science.

Samples have been sent to the University of California at Davis to determine what caused the blue coloring.

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