Viral Videos – Benjamin Pioneer Airbow

An Air Rifle Like No Other; We Introduce to You the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow Benjamin, a name well recognized for quality air guns, has recently launched their new innovative ‘Benjamin Pioneer Airbow’. This gun will change the way people hunt for sure. It rockets arrows at an amazing 450 fps with a 2″ grouping at 50 […]

Viral Videos – Creepy Trail Cam Pictures

Creepy Trail Cam Pictures – Real or Fake? Every once in a while we head into the woods and get an eerie feeling like something is watching us. Most of the time it’s nothing to worry about however imagine if that feeling was a result of one of the creatures from these creepy trail cam […]

Viral Videos – Skin a Deer With a Golf Ball. Yes You Can.

Golf Ball + Truck + Country Innovation = Skinned Deer Yea we thought it sounded crazy too. However we’ve actually watched a few of these videos now floating around the web. With a simple skinning tool made from a golf ball, a rag, a rope, and your truck, you can save a half hour or so […]

Viral Videos – What Hunters Found Inside This Boar Is Unbelievable

They Thought It Was A Normal Boar, They Were Wrong… Every now any then a story comes along that’s just really out there and weird. This is one of those stories. California (and many other southwestern states) are plagued with feral wild boar that cause extreme destruction to the ecosystems and therefore conservation agencies encourage […]

Viral Videos – How to Skin a Watermelon

This isn’t something we usually post about since it’s not hunting, fishing, or gun related however this is too awesome to not share! In the video below you’ll learn how to skin a watermelon perfectly. Pretty cool huh, time to host a party as an excuse to try this!

Viral Videos – How To Build a Harmless Paper Gun That Shoots

Build a Harmless Paper M4 That Shoots As children any normal country kid grew up playing army or cops and robbers with pop guns, squirt guns, or cap guns and most of us turned out just fine. Gun safety is best taught at a young age with harmless toys such as these. This video below is pretty […]

Viral Videos – How to Make Tick Repellent

Do Ticks Tick You Off? Me too. Some tick are very difficult to spot and can carry Lyme disease; bad news. There are three things you can do to avoid ticks; buy Elimitick gear (here), use tick repellent, or stay out of the woods. The later of the three is not an option for me. The […]

Viral Videos – Bacon and Guns = Perfect

Cookn’ Bacon With M16 Like a Boss We’ve thought of some innovative ways to cook the beloved bacon but this guy takes it to a whole other level. Add some heat from automatic fire to your bacon and you’ve got the best bacon wave you can imagine. Thanks goes to 9News Official for this video. […]

Viral Videos – Heavy Counter Assault Rifle

This Gun = Amazing Want to see a badass gun? FPS Russia’s video below of the HCAR only makes me wish I had unlimited funds in my bank account to buy this baby. Check out the power behind this bullet. Want one too? Share it up with your buddies.