Viral Videos – Skin a Deer With a Golf Ball. Yes You Can.

Golf Ball + Truck + Country Innovation = Skinned Deer

Yea we thought it sounded crazy too. However we’ve actually watched a few of these videos now floating around the web.

With a simple skinning tool made from a golf ball, a rag, a rope, and your truck, you can save a half hour or so (maybe as well as some finger cuts) and skin your deer a whole new way.

Check out the video below for yourself, seems a heck of a lot quicker than I could do the normal way.

With archery either here in some states or just around the corner, we’d be interested in hearing how many of our readers skin their deer this year using this method. Stop by out Facebook page and let us know how it worked or if you use another innovative method.

Thanks to Ben Brust for making this video showing us all how to skin a deer with a golf ball.

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