Spring Turkey Hunting Tips

Gobble Gobble Bang Bang Spring turkey hunting is upon us and those gobblers will be hitting the fields hard as the snow melts. I’m sure many of my followers are already avid turkey hunters but in case you’re not or are just looking for a little extra advice, I’ll share my spring turkey hunting tips with […]

Viral Videos – Bacon and Guns = Perfect

Cookn’ Bacon With M16 Like a Boss We’ve thought of some innovative ways to cook the beloved bacon but this guy takes it to a whole other level. Add some heat from automatic fire to your bacon and you’ve got the best bacon wave you can imagine. Thanks goes to 9News Official for this video. […]

Viral Videos – Heavy Counter Assault Rifle

This Gun = Amazing Want to see a badass gun? FPS Russia’s video below of the HCAR only makes me wish I had unlimited funds in my bank account to buy this baby. Check out the power behind this bullet. Want one too? Share it up with your buddies.

Viral Videos – Start a Campfire With a AA Battery

Stay Warm With a…..AA Battery? We thought it was crazy too and had to see it for ourselves. A simple AA battery and a gum wrapper and you’ve got yourself a fire starter. Hmmm so is a car battery used to start a bonfire? Thanks Grant Thompson for this video! Home Page

Viral Videos – Don’t Mess With Eagles

Top 7 Best Eagle Attacks We knew eagles were badass but these videos are intense. I’ll warn you, some of these scenes are graphic! We normally see eagles drop down and pick up a fish from the water but to think they’d dare go head to head with a goat, a bobcat, or a grizzly?! […]

3 Tactics For How To Find Deer Sheds

Shed Hunting Growing up each winter my dog and I would bundle up and head out into the New England snow packed mountains to hunt down deer sheds. I’d load up my daypack (here’s what I use now) with food for the both of us and spend the day following game trails. There are a variety of ways on how to […]

Winter Deer Hunting Tips

Looking for a Few Winter Deer Hunting Tips? Here You Go! I think it’s safe to say that deer hunting late winter is a different animal than hunting in early archery. Not only are the bucks’ behavior different this time of year but us hunters also behave slightly different as well. I’ll give you a few […]

HECS Hunting Suit – A Collection of Consumer Reviews

HECS Hunting Suit Reviews I am not the only one who has had great luck with the HECS hunting suit. A good friend of mine in Idaho who also happens to be a taxidermist has been an avid promoter of the technology utilized in the HECS products. He was kind enough to provide me with a […]

How Does The HECS Camo Suit Work?

Knowing what you now know about our bodies’ emissions of electromagnetic impulses, how does the HECS camo suit work to eliminate the body’s output? HECS camo company describes it as “utilizing the same technology our microwaves use”. Which makes sense; our microwaves have a protective mesh screening on the inside of them that reflects the rays back toward […]